Philly Urban Book Festival 2012

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Philly Winter Urban Book Festival supporting African American authors by encouraging readers to broaden their horizons in the literacy world.

The Philly Winter Urban Book Festival is here for another celebration of books, authors, and publishers. Raveena Media Group’s Literacy Moments Magazine and the Good L.U.C.K. Foundation – Good Readers youth program sponsors of the festival hopes readers attending will come out to support African American authors and publishers who write to encourage readers to broaden their horizons in the literacy world.

This event is FREE and open to all.

Guests can sign-up at: and receive an opportunity to win FREE “Books in The Bag” 100 books available for all ages and other discounts during their visit.

We are excited to have as the “Philly Winter Urban Book Festival Author Ambassador “National Best Selling author Karen E. Quinones Miller who will sign and discuss her new book “An Angry-Ass Black Woman”. Ms. Quinones is truly an Author Ambassador , she has been encouraging readers to broaden their literacy horizons with her top 20 book lists. She also is a literacy consultant for those interested in writing their first book. Throughout the year she hosts a seminar for authors to sharpen their skills. Last year’s Philly Urban Book Festival Author Ambassador Best Selling author Solomon Jones of “The Gravedigger’s Ball” who provided guests and authors with awesome resources and a vivid picture of the literacy world. During the summer Philly Urban Book Festival Author Ambassador steps in the urban Christian genre with Author and Philly Native Nicole S. Rouse of author “Still Standing” her fourth Christian novel.

At the festival African American authors and other literary participants will have the opportunity to present their latest releases and participate in discussions with their fans, as well as present special signed copies. In addition, there will be FREE workshops, children activities, local writing and readings organizations book clubs information, vendors and tasty food samples.

The FREE workshops at the Winter Book Festival are: An Author’s roundtable , “Wrote Your First Book and Now What”, Tips and Tidbit for Future Authors”, Raveena Media Group presents “Branding Yourself via PR/Marketing and Social Media”, and feature workshop “Financial Fitness” is being presented by Shayne Lear author of “Money On Purpose Finding A Faith – Filled Balance”.

Karen E. Miller Quinones Author of

** Christopher Gaskins Author of Liberation of Fear & Love: A Collection of Poetry **

Each piece in Liberation of Fear and Love is an antidote to the modern passivity permeating society. In the volume’s first section, “Perspectives Beyond the Veil”, Gaskins urges the reader to step from behind the veils of one’s limited perspective and try to look from an angle that has been otherwise ignored for a long time. The powerful message of love moving mountains is daintily reflected in every poem housed in the second section, “The Metronome of Love and Music”.

About the Author

Christopher Gaskins graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Howard University with a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy. He now lives and works in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. As an occupational therapist, Gaskins is able to fulfill his desire to help others. He hopes to participate in more humanitarian efforts to aid the impoverished and disadvantaged in the near future.

** Akosua Ali Sabree ~ Author of Emancipating Your Spirit **

MaMa Akosua Ali-Sabree is an illuminating guidebook designed to advance self-study, personal growth, and liberation. The book is also an empowering collection of reflective and motivating information that can be used privately or in a group. Chapters such as “The ABCs of Meditation,” “Introduction to Chakras,” “The Nine Vital Keys,” “Nutritional Tidbits,” “Managing Dis-Stress,” “The Merits of Forgiveness,” and “For Liberty–Analyze This” are just a few of the treasures you will find in this guidebook. Emancipating Your Spirit (EYS) presents a safe mirror to look at life and to rejoice at the wonder of it all. This 232 page interactive guidebook takes the reader on a consciousness-raising journey from daily affirmations, self-talk, self-love, and the essence of communication to rejuvenation exercises, all intended to support transformation, good health, harmony, critical thinking, and liberation. Although Emancipating Your Spirit is geared toward women and girls, men and couples can enjoy many of the chapters called “Paths” in this enlightening book.

About the Author

Dr. Akosua Ali-Sabree, affectionately called MaMa Akosua, is the executive director of the Amadi Wellness Connection (AWC), and founder of the Amadi Universal Light Mission (AULM). MaMa Akosua is also the program director of the Annual International Locks Conference: Natural Hair, Wholistic Health & Beauty Expo and the co-founder of the Hair-ITAGE Society, Weekly, MaMa Akosua produces and co-hosts the “Health is A Family Affair” talk show on the Harambee Radio and TV network.

** Eugene Bell ~ Author of What Are You Waiting For **


** Muffin, Npf ~ Author of North Philly’s Finest **


** Nanette Buchanan Author of Bonded Betrayal **

Bonded Betrayal – There’s a cliche that states one should not date their best friend. Whatever the reasons, the fear of losing a friendship or not finding true love; most use this cliche as a golden rule.

Six friends from McKinley High reunite for their ten-year class reunion. The group was put on a pedestal, both Dante Jefferson and Kalliah Carter were voted ‘most likely to succeed’; Stephon Drake was voted ‘most athletic’; Miles Baker was the President of the Student Body; Cherese Taylor was the captain of the Cheerleading Squad; and Brianne Gibson was in the National Honor Society. The memories of their past include deep rooted issues they avoided during those years of mixed experiences.

Their class reunion promises to fulfill Kalliah’s need for a vacation from her job and a shaky romance, while Dante needs to explore the remnants of their relationship before making a serious commitment to another. Stephon must take his life back from the street and crime he’s become addicted to. Miles is hoping to finally tell his friends how one of them has held his heart for more than ten years. Cherese needs the support of her friends as she struggles to find her way out of a destructive marriage. Brianne must disclose her horrible high school encounter that would change how they all feel about her and those they are now connected and committed to. The reunion rekindles their friendships, and proves their relationships with each weakness, has its own strengths.

About the Author

** Niema Golphin ~ Author of Discovering Your Greatness Now **

Niema Golphin is the author of Discovering Your Greatness Now. Since moving back to Philadelphia, Golphin has dedicated the past three years to fostering the mental growth and advancement of young women through her program, “Growing Up.” This has lead to the conception and development of her book, Discovering Your Greatness Now, which is a step-by- step guide life skills guide for teens ages 16-21. The book is dedicated to helping teens discover who they are, while learning how to manage their decisions. She challenges her audience to seek meaning and purpose in their lives, working towards developing .

As young girl, growing up in a low-income community, fighting daily to overcome the temptations threatening to lead her down a destructive path however choose to not let her environment define her. Many young women can relate to this struggle. The outcome of this tale is not typical.

About the Author

In 2000, Golphin moved to Southern California to pursue her undergraduate degree at Azusa Pacific University. Her belief in the power of education has continued, and she is now a candidate for her PhD in Organizational Management and Leadership.

** Leonard Anderson, Jr ~ Author of I’ll Never Let You Go **

Kevin is debonair, well educated, loyal and willing to do anything to make his significant other

happy. Yet he has been unable to hold onto Brenda after being involved for over fifteen years. Kevin’s attributes, which would be appreciated by most women, are considered to be boring, routine and predictable to Brenda.

Brenda has a wild and insatiable side she feeds by frequently going out on manhunts seeking new conquests. Once amused and satisfied, she returns to Kevin who welcomes her back with open arms hoping she’ll finally commit. But was there always more to Brenda than meets the eye?

Was Brenda’s immoral behavior lying dormant and then suddenly awakened upon meeting Kevin? Will Kevin ever experience the love and respect he desires and deserves from Brenda? Or will he remain a helpless victim of Brenda’s sorted and twist lifestyle?

About The Author

Leonard Anderson Jr is a native Philadelphian who currently resides in Plymouth Meeting Pa. Leonard recently obtained his Master’s Degree in Health Administration from St. Joseph’s University May 2012. Leonard’s love for writing begin when he penned his first song as a member of the Acapella group The Thorough Tones entitled ‘We’re Making Love. His compassionate side led him to write two poetry books entitled “Damn Right I’ve Got Attitude” and “Two Began the Loving.” Since then he has written 5 novels, 2 plays and is currently working on a movie script for his novel “The Blackavellian Knights”.

** Connie Grier ~ Author of The ABC’s of Mentoring **

In today’s society, we are surrounded by issues that sadden us, anger us, and frighten us, none more than then the influences that teenagers are subject too. We cringe when we hear about the cruel ways teens behave with one another; but how often do we seek out children and “model the way?” We fuss at teens when they use profanity; but do we refrain from the habit ourselves? Yes, refrain even when angry? We admonish teens to care about what is happening in their neighborhood, city, state and nation. We encourage them to read, write, and create; yet, what examples are we ourselves setting for such behavior?

This book lays out in a very straightforward way how every other week (notice I did not say every night!) you can have a direct impact on the life of a child. And, these are not grand, over the top gestures, but simple activities that the teenaged child in your life will love, appreciate and learn from

About the Author

Connie K. Grier, founder of The RESPECT Alliance, a 501C3 non-profit corporation and CKG Consulting, LLC has been professionally engaged in education and educational management within the Philadelphia community for over 20 years as a student focused educational leader possessing a strong commitment to social justice, parental engagement, relationship building and the development of students and staff. During this time, she has been lauded as a “great communicator who advocates for what’s RIGHT as opposed to what’s easy.” She currently serves as an Assistant Principal at Laura H. Carnell, and as an Adjunct Professor for Wilmington University.

** Mahagony Redd ~ Author of Stripped By Love **

A captivating account of deception, abuse, curiosity and confusion. Stripped by Love is full of heart racing drama, tearful accounts of physical and mental abuse and the triumph of overcoming a floodgate of obstacles.

Taraine as a teenager falls for an older man, she later experience abuse both mentally and physically throughout their relationsh. As she grows into a young woman Taraine continuously attracts the same type of men. She stumbles upon what she thinks is a good man. He loves and respects her, he gives her the type of love she’s been searching for but never found which leaves her to question his love. Step into the lives of the women of Stripped by Love. See if you relate to one or maybe all of women, either way you will become wrapped up into their lives and it will be hard to walk away.

About the Author

** Joy Mackey ~ Author of The Purpose Experiment **

According to Joy Linn Mackey, The Purpose Experiment is intrepid ground. It’s a search to understand where you have been, where you are, and where you are headed. It’s a journey to authentically know you and accept yourself in spite of it all. And it’s an offer to know God and move squarely into His adventurous, empowering and unique plan for your life.

Your purpose experiment begins when you accept the life challenge to create space for continuous reflection, self-assessment, and prayer. These sound like soft skills, but be warned only the valiant will blaze the trail of true purpose. It requires answering the call to:

Face your imperfections

Realize that success is failure inside out

Refocus attention on things of deeper value

Flex your good habit muscles

Develop your God given gifts, interests and skills

Affirm a new mindset

Live a great life

About The Author

Joy Linn Mackey is founder of Audacity Dare, a ground-breaking company that dares people to discover their purpose and live a great life. She courageously activates her purpose every day and now teaches others to do the same. Ms. Mackey is also an adjunct professor and lives in Philadelphia, PA.

** Sherry Ways ~ Author of Feel Good Spaces **

** Salihah Fassett ~ Author of Where Is God **

Where is God”, tells the story of two preschoolers and their Nana. It starts off as a typical weekday, getting ready for school the fun they have on the way to school and finally the events that take place in school. The children are left alone for five minutes. They begin a conversation about God. There is one little girl who doesn’t know who God is. The thrill of finding God will captivate and warm the hearts of the readers.

About the Author

Salihah was born and raised in North Philadelphia. She has always had a flair for telling stories ever since she was a little girl. She became an author in 2009 when she released her first children’s book ‘Where Is God’. She has written three plays and several poems. Being undecided about the type of author she will be. Salihah has decided to try her hand at everything. She has that way of pulling you in and taking you for one hell of a ride.

** Vanna B ~ Author of Fancy **

Maribel “Fancy” Alvarez is a trendy socialite who has it all: enviable looks, popularity and a closet full of designer threads. She lives an amazing life. At least that’s what she’s led everyone to believe. Fancy goes to great lengths to keep up a façade of perfection, but when a series of unfortunate events rattles her world, everything begins to fall apart.

She’s always been taught to use what she’s got to get what she wants but deep down inside Fancy knows there is truly more to her than just a beautiful face and perfect body. Will she abandon the superficial lifestyle she’s come to know or succumb to the temptation of the almighty dollar?

About the Author

Vanna B. is from Philadelphia and holds a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Temple University. Prior to writing Fancy, she worked as a staff and freelance writer/columnist for numerous publications. Her hobbies include music, movies, reading and fitness.

** Shayna Lear ~ Author of Money on Purpose: Finding A Faith Filled Balance **
In Money on Purpose, financial advisor and minister Shayna Lear presents a quiz to help you discover your own financial type. She then offers practical and faithful strategies to restore a healthy and faith-filled balance to your financial life. This candid and conversational book is written especially for African Americans, but offers insight and instruction for everyone struggling to be a faithful steward.

About the Author

Shayna Lear is a native Philadelphian, attending Central High School and Temple University. She is presently enrolled in a dual master’s degree program in Divinity and Economic Development through Palmer Seminary and Eastern University respectively. Her financial planning career began in 2000, with American Express Financial Advisors, where she served as an advisor, Advisor Coach, Manager and Franchisee. In 2007, Shayna left American Express Financial Advisors (then renamed to Ameriprise) to serve at TIAA-CREF in their Wealth Management Group, assisting high net worth clients.


These literacy events are just a prelude to other programs planned to encourage kids and their family to read more.


Good LUCK Reader Youth Program, January 1, 2013

Magazine official launch on January 21, 2013 Online


East Coast Author & Publisher Awards, February 2013

Ladies Literacy Luncheon, March 2013

Spring print issue, April 2013

Philly Summer Urban Book Festival, June 2013

And much more!!!

The date for the book festival has change to July 14. Thank you for your email. We are still currently revising and updating items. This year’s annual festival promotes the joys of reading; honors the importance of the printed word; and showcases local and regional authors, booksellers and publishers. It’s the place where readers and authors connect!
The festival features author appearances, book signings, exhibitors and booksellers, cooking demonstrations by chefs,  Poet Slam & Spoken Word contest, workshops, panel discussions, storytellers and hands-on projects for children, live music, and a delicious variety of food.  We just added a small area for health checks so our guests can continue to enjoy their summer healthy.

To register go to link…

Our Philly Author Ambassador is Nicole Rouse a Philly Native and Urban Christian Author,-author-to-host-urban-book-festival.html


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